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Ginlong Technologies Debuts Hybrid Energy Storage Inverter

Ginlong Technologies, a global photovoltaic string inverter manufacturer, has debuted its latest hybrid energy storage inverter across EU markets. 

Solis Debuts Inverter for C&I Installations

Ginlong Tech., a company that specializes in photovoltaic string inverter manufacturing, has released the latest addition to its 5 Generation (5G) portfolio....

Solis Inverters Receive Rapid Shutdown Certification

Ginlong Tech., a manufacturer of photovoltaic string inverters, has released its portfolio of SunSpec-certified residential, hybrid and commercial inverters to the U.S....

Solis Introduces Storage Hybrid Inverter to U.S. Solar Market

Ginlong Technologies, a manufacturer of photovoltaic string inverters, says it is releasing its energy storage inverter to U.S. homeowners.