Solis Inverters Receive Rapid Shutdown Certification


Ginlong Tech., a manufacturer of photovoltaic string inverters, has released its portfolio of SunSpec-certified residential, hybrid and commercial inverters to the U.S. market. 

Upon successful completion of the SunSpec Modbus certification, Solis single- and three-phase inverters now include the SunSpec communication protocol for rapid shutdown, in accordance with NEC 2017-2020 module-level requirements.

“As one of the first manufacturers to implement the SunSpec Modbus and rapid shutdown programs, our certification achievements speak to our commitment to the U.S. market,” says Susanna Huang, U.S general manager. 

“We appreciate the solar eco-system nurtured by SunSpec and support its effort in promoting industry collaboration,” she adds.

Solis residential, hybrid and commercial inverters embed SunSpec RSD technology into its transmitters, helping contractors cut installation time and cost. Solis has engineered a rapid shutdown transmitter into its wiring box, avoiding connections to external enclosures. The integrated transmitter sends independent signals to each string, ensuring efficient rapid shutdown. This plug-and-play solution means no extra wiring, no extra setup and no extra time, notes the company.

In addition to installation efficiencies, the Solis MLRS feature is technology agnostic and can be paired with any SunSpec-certified receiver. Solis’ compatibility with all SunSpec-certified receivers also means easier O&M when replacing failed rooftop equipment. 

The SunSpec-certified Solis portfolio will be available in the U.S. in Q2 of this year. It includes the 2.5-6 kW and 6-10 kW single-phase models for the residential market, the three-phase inverter family for the commercial sector (25-40 kW and 50-66 kW), as well as the hybrid energy storage inverter (5-10 kW).

Photo: Solis’ residential inverter is now SunSpec Certified

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