Solis Debuts Inverter for C&I Installations


Ginlong Tech., a company that specializes in photovoltaic string inverter manufacturing, has released the latest addition to its 5 Generation (5G) portfolio. The new Solis 110 kW brings a more efficient inverter solution to commercial rooftop applications, resulting in stronger system returns and lower LCOE, the company says.

“Solis is making full use of its 5G technology platform with its new 110 kW inverter,” says Kuhn Zhang, CTO at Ginlong. 

“Designed specifically for commercial rooftop applications, Solis 110 kW integrates our 5G platform with electronic components to deliver a maximum efficiency rating of 98.7%. This puts Solis 110 kW’s performance at the top of its product class,” adds Zhang. 

Designed for improved efficiency, yield and O&M, Solis 110 kW advantages include:

  • Advanced IGBTs lower “on resistance,” increasing efficiency and decreasing losses.
  • 90 MPPTs / MW delivers high-power tracking density.
  • 150% DC/AC ratio boosts system returns.
  • Flexible design allows for shorter strings and multi-orientation designs

“We are excited about our cost and energy yield advantages for our commercial customers,” says Zhang. 

“By combining a high cost-performance ratio with low installation and O&M costs – alongside conversion efficiency and energy harvest advantages – Solis 110 kW technology can boost energy yield and ROI for commercial end-users,” he adds.

Photo: Solis’ commercial and industrial PV inverter

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