Tigo Releases New Additions to Flex MPLE Line


Tigo Energy has launched the newest additions to its Flex MLPE product family, the Tigo TS4-X line. 

Aimed at the C&I as well as utility markets, the company says the products support solar modules up to 800 W and offer a multi-factor rapid shutdown option with redundant safety signaling for solar systems serving energy-critical applications. 

The company added that the new devices pair with third-party solar inverters to deliver design and installation flexibility for solar installers and EPCs. 

“The installers operating at the cutting edge of solar are pushing the envelope on system output as well as cost, and the TS4-X closes an important gap at the top end of the module performance spectrum,” says Jing Tian, chief growth officer at Tigo Energy. 

“As the solar industry evolves, Tigo Energy remains at the forefront of providing solutions that empower installers and developers. With safety, versatility and compatibility at its core, the TS4-X is an advancement in MLPE technology, aligning with Tigo’s commitment to innovative software, total quality solar and customer satisfaction.”

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