Trimark Unveils Alerting System for Utility-Scale Solar Sites


Trimark Associates Inc., a provider of SCADA, metering and energy storage technology solutions for the electric power industry, says the Trimark Operations Center’s (TOC) advanced alerting system can now continually determine if devices are online and operating correctly.

Trimark’s system monitors and checks the status of any device at a solar site to determine if the equipment is online and operating correctly.

Using Trimark’s proprietary Remote Monitor application, the TOC monitors and checks the status of any device that is being polled by Trimark’s data gateway or SCADA systems, such as revenue meters and MET stations. In addition, the system can issue alerts, such as when CAISO loses its connection. This advanced capability with additional logic per system helps to eliminate false-positives and enables the TOC to easily determine if the issue is a telemetry issue or not.

“Now that the TOC can easily distinguish between telemetry errors and device failures – such as broken hardware or rogue devices overloaded with data requests – the TOC can more rapidly diagnose the problem, nailing down the root of the issue and eliminating the need to send someone to site,” says Tom Short, director at TOC. 

The TOC provides comprehensive customer support services to troubleshoot and solve equipment issues, even if Trimark did not install the equipment. TOC’s range of PV site O&M services includes preventive maintenance, performance management and analytics, data management services and more. The TOC team manages over 350 annual service agreement contracts for solar sites throughout the U.S.

Photo: Trimark’s advanced alerting system

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