Trinasolar Wraps Up Solar Installation for Casella Family Brands


Trinasolar and Casella Family Brands, an Australian winery, have completed a 5.7 MW solar farm near Casella’s production site in Yenda, New South Wales, Australia.

The project comprises 8,730 Trinasolar low-voltage Vertex 650-655W (DEG21C.20) bifacial modules mounted on approximately 100 TrinaTracker Vanguard 2P trackers, capable of generating 11.53 GWh of electricity annually. This output will fulfill approximately 35% of the power needs of the Yenda facility, which processes and bottles the majority of Casella Family Brands’ portfolio.

Trinasolar says this is the first solar development in the Asia Pacific region to fully integrate Vanguard 2P trackers with large-format, low-voltage 650-655 W modules. The combination results in significant savings on electrical components and installation labor, and a significant levelized cost of energy reduction.

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