Valmont, Convert Italia Debut New Valmont Solar Tracker Brand


Valmont Industries Inc. and Convert Italia, a Valmont Company and supplier of single-axis solar trackers, are launching the new Valmont Solar brand.

Unique to the brand partnership between Valmont and Convert is the ability to supply total grid solutions, in addition to its flagship solar tracker product line. Thanks to a full line of engineered products, from transmission and distribution to substation packaging and renewable generation, Valmont Solar has the ability to provide bundled offerings to partners.

“Europe is seeing unprecedented times when it comes to energy,” says Matteo Demofonti, Valmont Solar’s European business line manager. “On one hand, Europe has aggressive renewable energy targets to meet by 2025. On the other hand, supply chain and energy market volatility is causing a lot of uncertainty. The time is perfect for a company like Valmont to leverage their more than 75 years of expertise to meet these challenges.”

Valmont Solar will offer solutions for the PV industry in European, Latin American and North American markets.

“Valmont has been a major player in the utility industry for years providing grid-hardening solutions to build a smarter, more resilient grid,” states Greg Turi, vice president of Valmont Global Generation. “Now, with Valmont Solar, we are bringing in the generation piece by partnering with PV integrators through our product and service offerings. It’s a unique role to be supplying the hardware and service that is going to help us realize a modern, clean electricity grid and we couldn’t be more excited to be on the forefront of this change.”

Valmont Solar’s main product, the Convert Single Axis Tracker, is a solar tracker with more than 15 years of performance in the field. Convert Trackers increase efficiency by following the sun as it moves across the sky and have up to a 25% performance increase compared to a 1 MW project using fixed-in-place solar racks.

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