Vision Solar to Leverage Enphase Enlighten


Enphase Energy Inc. says Vision Solar, a full-service renewable energy company headquartered in Pennsylvania, is now using Enphase products to enhance the customer experience as it expands its operations.

Vision Solar currently serves residential solar customers in Arizona, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The company makes the process of adding solar energy seamless by providing a full-service customer experience, from design through architecture, engineering, permitting, installation and activation. Vision Solar customers will soon have access to a dedicated “solar concierge” for information about installation status and timelines, education about their new system’s operation, how to get the most out of the Enphase Enlighten energy management platform, and answers to technical and support questions.

“In my experience with over 10,000 solar installations, I have seen and used just about every solar product on the market, and it was not difficult to decide to build our business around Enphase products,” says Jonathan Seibert, CEO of Vision Solar.

“The reliability of Enphase microinverters ensures that our customers are happy and our service team is not overwhelmed with calls. Since we offer both custom module-inverter pairings and Enphase Energized AC modules, our customers have a wide range of choices. We also share our customers’ excitement about the upcoming Enphase Ensemble energy management technology, which will drastically advance how we think about home energy management.”

Unlike legacy approaches to hybrid- or multi-mode inverters, solar systems based on Ensemble technology are designed to not require expensive standalone equipment to provide a seamless transition between grid-tied and off-grid operation, according to Enphase. Battery storage systems based on Ensemble technology are compatible with Enphase IQ 7 and IQ 6 series microinverters, making retrofit upgrades simpler for existing Enphase customers.

“Vision Solar is a great example of how solar installers use Enphase’s energy management products to grow their businesses by simplifying operations and still giving their customers more choices,” says Dave Ranhoff, chief commercial officer at Enphase Energy. “With our highly reliable, safe and easy to install products, we help installers spend less time installing and servicing systems, and more time providing a superior customer experience and explaining what Enphase Ensemble technology will make possible.”

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