Wahoo Utilities Solar Project Energized, Proceeds to Benefit Local Library


The Wahoo Utilities solar project, in Wahoo, Neb., has become energized, with the proceeds of the contracted land lease set to fund the Wahoo Public Library.

Wahoo Utilities has leased 10 acres near its substation for the project, with payments directed to a trust benefiting the Wahoo Public Library, where the landowner is director.

A partnership between GenPro Energy Solutions, Sol Systems, Mesner Development and Wahoo Utilities, the project has 6,534 solar panels and a capacity of 2 MW. It began development in late 2020 and was approved for construction in 2022.

“The 2 MW Solar project started from our Board of Public Works’ interest, after seeing many throughout the state,” says Ryan Hurst, Wahoo Utilities’ general manager. “The main benefit of this project and partnership was affordable power very closely priced to what we buy our blended power from the Nebraska Public Power District. The 30-year contract on this Purchase Power Agreement was a way to hedge a portion of our power portfolio affordability for the next 30 years.”

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