Zep Solar Sues Westinghouse Solar For Alleged Patent Infringement


Zep Solar Inc., developer of a PV module-integrated installation platform, has sued Westinghouse Solar Inc., Light Way Solar and three other parties for alleged infringement of a Zep Solar patent that covers many of the company's products.

The company is petitioning the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California to award ‘enhanced damages for willful infringement and issue preliminary and permanent injunctions barring Westinghouse and the other defendants from infringing through the licensing, manufacturing, importation, offering for sale, sale, or use of Westinghouse's PV modules and installation hardware, including the Westinghouse Solar Power Systems AC-230/235 product family, Andalay Groove components and others.’

‘Westinghouse's new products blatantly infringe our patent rights,’ says Mike Miskovsky, CEO of Zep Solar. ‘It appears that the company's difficulties in the market have led it to copy our innovations in an attempt to become more competitive.’

The additional parties named are various marketers, distributors, sellers and installers of Westinghouse Solar's products.

Meanwhile, the International Trade Commission is investigating whether Zep Solar and Canadian Solar have violated Westinghouse Solar's patents. Westinghouse filed suit against Zep Solar in October.

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