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Panasonic Expands PV Module Warranties

Panasonic has expanded its 25-year warranty on solar panels to include labor on all components of the residential solar system, including the...

Panasonic Adds Elite Tier to Residential Solar Installer Program

Panasonic has added an Elite tier to its Residential Solar Installer Program to recognize and reward standout installers with best-in-class benefits. 

NEDO, Panasonic Break Solar Module Efficiency Record

Panasonic Corp. has achieved the world's highest energy conversion efficiency of 16.09% for a perovskite solar module - one that utilizes lightweight...

Panasonic’s Leading Solar Installers and Distributors Earn Distinction

Panasonic has announced the winners of its 2019 Customer Appreciation Awards, which are given to leading installers and distributors that demonstrate excellence...