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3G Auto Tracking Device For Solar Power Generation Is Released
by SI Staff on 19 Nov 2008
A China-based technology expert has introduced the 3G auto tracking device for solar power generation. The product is designed to yield a 44% increase in solar panel power output, compared [read more]
Sono-Tek Introduces SonicSyringe Ultrasonic Dispersion Syringe Pump
by SI Staff on 19 Nov 2008
Sono-Tek Corp. has introduced the SonicSyringe ultrasonic dispersion syringe pump, which is designed to quickly disperse particles in a mixture and hold them evenly suspended for several hours or more. [read more]
Micro-tec Introduces Automated Print System For Crystalline Solar Cells
by SI Staff on 18 Nov 2008
Micro-tec Company Ltd. has introduced its MTSC-2636TVC automated multi-layer print system for crystalline solar cells to the North American solar cell fabrication market. This multi-layer screen-printing technology is applicable to [read more]
Amtech Systems To Market PST Dry Etch Technology
by SI Staff on 18 Nov 2008
Amtech Systems Inc., a supplier of production and automation systems for the manufacture of solar cells, has entered into a license agreement with PST Co. Ltd. to market PST's proprietary [read more]
Evolution Solar To Deliver 300 W Solar Module To The Market
by SI Staff on 18 Nov 2008
Evolution Solar Corp. has introduced its new Evolution 300 solar panel, which will be available on the market during the first quarter of 2009. The 300 W panel builds on [read more]
Battery Filling Systems Introduces New Low-Profile Series
by SI Staff on 17 Nov 2008
Battery Filling Systems (BFS), a manufacturer of battery watering technologies, has introduced a new low-profile series watering system featuring an 11 mm clip-in plug to reduce wear. Designed with encapsulated [read more]
ET Solar Releases Enhanced Dual-Axis Tracking System
by SI Staff on 14 Nov 2008
ET Solar Group Corp., an integrated manufacturer of photovoltaic products, has released a new dual-axis tracking system, the ET-D81, that features a wind-load capacity of 110 mph. The new tracking [read more]
SolFocus Introduces 1100S Concentrator Photovoltaic Solar System
by SI Staff on 14 Nov 2008
SolFocus has released its latest concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) solution, the SolFocus 1100S, which the company says achieves panel efficiencies of 25%. The CPV design employs a system of reflective optics [read more]
Sunovia, EPIR Demonstrate Optical Down-Conversion For Solar Cells
by SI Staff on 14 Nov 2008
Sunovia Energy Technologies Inc. and EPIR Technologies Inc. say they have successfully demonstrated optical down-conversion for increased solar cell energy efficiency. Optical down-conversion enhances solar cell efficiency by converting the [read more]
CNPV Earns IEC Certification For Crystalline Solar Photovoltaic Modules
by SI Staff on 12 Nov 2008
TUV Rheinland Group has awarded International Electro Technical Commission (IEC) certification to CNPV's crystalline solar photovoltaic modules ranging from 160 W to 185 W (six models in total). "The IEC [read more]
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