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Oerlikon Solar Releases Amorph High Performance Manufacturing Technology
by SI Staff on 11 Nov 2008
Oerlikon Solar, a specialist in thin-film silicon solar manufacturing equipment, has announced the availability of its next generation of technology: Amorph High Performance. The company says more than 500,000 panels [read more]
Solzar Introduces Off-Grid Solar Products
by SI Staff on 11 Nov 2008
Solzar, a designer and manufacturer of solar power systems, has broadened its solar power systems product line to include the Solar-Max outdoor solar power system and MSolar portable solar power [read more]
Servometer Develops Lightweight Nickel Bellows Assembly
by SI Staff on 11 Nov 2008
Servometer PMG LLC, a manufacturer of precision engineering components, has introduced a new temperature-sensitive bellows assembly. These lightweight assemblies are thin-walled, electro-deposited nickel bellows that are soldered to custom end [read more]
Blue Square Energy Develops High-Efficiency UMG Silicon Solar Cell
by SI Staff on 06 Nov 2008
Blue Square Energy (BSE), a developer and manufacturer of silicon solar cells, says it has produced a 14.6% efficient solar cell with its patent-pending Bright Point technology. BSE says the [read more]
Genasun Releases GV-4-Li Charge Controller
by SI Staff on 05 Nov 2008
Genasun has introduced its new GV-4-Li maximum power point tracking controller for use in solar power systems that feature lithium-ion batteries. The new controller includes charging methodologies optimized for lithium-ion [read more]
Fronius USA Launches IG Plus Solar PV Inverters
by SI Staff on 03 Nov 2008
Fronius USA LLC has unveiled its latest product line of grid-connected PV inverters: the IG Plus. The IG Plus inverter series includes a built-in, six-string circuit combiner and is compatible [read more]
Madico Releases INSULUX HD Solar Photovoltaic Backsheets
by SI Staff on 31 Oct 2008
Madico Inc. recently debuted its new Insulux HD backing sheet - the fourth Madico-branded backing sheet in the company's Protekt product family. INSULUX HD material is based on a photovoltaic [read more]
Sputtering Materials Offering Thin-Film Solar Development Service
by SI Staff on 30 Oct 2008
Sputtering Materials Inc. (SMI) says it is now offering a copper indium gallium (CIG) target alloy and pre-selenization thin-film development service. The company has designed and assembled a development physical [read more]
Newport Introduces PV IsoStation For Solar Photovoltaic Applications
by SI Staff on 29 Oct 2008
Newport Corp., a provider of lasers and photonics solutions, has introduced the latest addition to its portfolio of photovoltaic development solutions: the PV IsoStation series workstations. Newport's PV IsoStation is [read more]
EnergieSoftware Releases New Version Of Solar PV Design Software
by SI Staff on 27 Oct 2008
EnergieSoftware GmbH has released version 3.0 of PV express, a design and simulation program for grid-connected photovoltaic systems, which includes a new inverter configuration selection and automatic Internet update functionality [read more]
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