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Dow Corning Developing New Solar PV Manufacturing Process Step
on 02 Sep 2008 by SI Staff
Dow Corning Corp. has demonstrated a manufacturing process featuring new silicone materials that increase the production rate of solar panels. The process works in conjunction with the company's PV-6100 Encapsulant [read more]
Adept Technology Announces New Solar Product Line
on 29 Aug 2008 by SI Staff
Adept Technology Inc. has introduced its new Adept Solaris solar product line, which integrates solar wafer cell handling and inspection capabilities within a common application platform for high performance, ease [read more]
BTU International Releases Meridian Diffusion Tech For Solar Fabs
on 29 Aug 2008 by SI Staff
BTU International Inc. has introduced its Meridian line of in-line diffusion equipment, which includes a new second-generation spray coater - featuring top-side and bottom-side phosphorus coating - and a quartz-lined [read more]
ROFIN-SINAR, Manz Automation Developing Equipment For Thin-Film Solar PV
on 29 Aug 2008 by SI Staff
ROFIN-SINAR Technologies Inc., a manufacturer of laser-based solutions, has entered into a strategic alliance with Manz Automation AG to develop a new machine concept for the production of thin-film solar [read more]
Magma Develops Yield Enhancement Software For Solar Manufacturing
on 27 Aug 2008 by SI Staff
Magma Design Automation Inc., a provider of chip design software, has developed a new yield-enhancement software system customized for solar fabs to improve conversion efficiency, increase yield and reduce the [read more]
EYE Lighting Introduces Solar PV Long-Pulse Simulation Systems
on 27 Aug 2008 by SI Staff
EYE Lighting International of North America, a subsidiary of Iwasaki Electric Co. Ltd., has introduced of a new family of long-pulse PV panel performance test systems for both crystalline and [read more]
RESOL Introduces Datalogger DL2 For Solar Thermal Systems
on 27 Aug 2008 by SI Staff
RESOL has introduced the successor of its Datalogger DL1: the new Datalogger DL2. This additional module enables the acquisition and storage of even larger amounts of system data, such as [read more]
OTB Solar Releases New Screen Printer, Deposition Tool
on 26 Aug 2008 by SI Staff
OTB Solar BV, a supplier of solar cell production equipment, has released its new METx metallization screen printer and DEPx2400 silicon nitride deposition tool. OTB Solar says the METx offers [read more]
Veeco Instruments Releases FastFlex Thin-Film Solar PV Coating System
on 25 Aug 2008 by SI Staff
Veeco Instruments Inc. has introduced its FastFlex line of web coating systems, designed for the manufacturing of copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) solar cells. Veeco says the platform offers high [read more]
Solaroad Technologies Introduces ElectraWall Solar PV System
on 25 Aug 2008 by SI Staff
Solaroad Technologies Group LLC has introduced the ElectraWall - a light-harvesting electrical generator and accumulator that makes use of existing infrastructure to provide on-demand power. The ElectraWall photovoltaic system features [read more]
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