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XsunX Provides Update On Manufacturing Facility Plans
on 05 Mar 2009 by SI Staff
XsunX Inc., a solar technology company currently engaged in the build-out of its multi-megawatt thin-film photovoltaic solar manufacturing facilities in Oregon, has issued updates to its thin film solar module [read more]
Energosolar, Parity Solar Sign For 24 MW In China
on 05 Mar 2009 by SI Staff
Energosolar Hungary Equipment Manufacturing Ltd. and Parity Solar Ltd. have signed a contract for a new production line of solar modules in Jiangsu province, China. The agreement calls for 24 [read more]
Israeli Government Grants AORA License For Commercial Solar Thermal
on 05 Mar 2009 by SI Staff
AORA (a member of the E.D.I.G. Group), a developer of applied ultra-high temperature concentrating solar power technology, says that Israel's minister of national infrastructures, Binyamin Ben Eliezer, has signed AORA's [read more]
Mitsubishi Acquires Stake In ACCIONA Solar Unit
on 05 Mar 2009 by SI Staff
Mitsubishi Corp. (MC) has signed an agreement with ACCIONA SA to acquire a 34% equity interest in Amper Central Solar SA, which is 100% owned by ACCIONA. Amper developed and [read more]
Schreiner Offers Specialized Labels For Solar Industry
on 05 Mar 2009 by SI Staff
Schreiner ProTech is now marketing an array of specialized labels and identification-preparation equipment for solar panels and components. Drawing on its solar product experience in Europe, Schreiner says it is [read more]
Veeco Enters Partnership With Daiyang Metal Co.
on 05 Mar 2009 by SI Staff
Veeco Instruments Inc. has entered into a strategic partnership with Daiyang Metal Co. Ltd. of Korea, a producer of cold rolled stainless steel, to be its supplier of equipment to [read more]
eSolar Signs License With ACME To Construct 1 GW Of Solar Power Plants In India
on 04 Mar 2009 by SI Staff
eSolar, a producer of modular, scalable solar thermal power plants, has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with India-based ACME Group to build up to 1,000 MW of solar thermal power [read more]
Silicon Genesis Produces 20-Micrometer PV Foil
on 04 Mar 2009 by SI Staff
Silicon Genesis, a developer of process and technology for engineered substrates, says it has produced the first 20-micrometer-thick solar-cell foils. The 125 mm square monocrystalline silicon (mono c-Si) foils were [read more]
Boots On The Roof Forms Partnership With SunWize Technologies
on 04 Mar 2009 by SI Staff
Solar training company Boots On The Roof has entered into a partnership with SunWize Technologies, a distributor of solar energy systems and components in North America. With this partnership, Boots [read more]
Sunsei GreenMeter Approved For Rebates In California
on 04 Mar 2009 by SI Staff
The Sunsei GreenMeter from ICP Solar Technologies Inc. has been approved for certain solar-based incentives in the state of California. Specifically, the GreenMeter has been added to the list of [read more]
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